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Dog for Dog has worked with numerous shelters, rescues and non-profit organizations over the years. From house pets to exotic animals, they strive to make a difference in each animal’s life they touch.  Our efforts to raise awareness has taken many forms, from organizing events such as “Dog Day Afternoons” to food and cash donations to local and national shelters. We’ve continued to support our mission by producing the  TV show, “Save Our Shelter,” now streaming on Netflix. Interested in finding out more about our affiliates and how you can do your part? Check out just a small sampling of our partners below!

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While we are fully committed to helping dogs everywhere, we can only do so much on our own. Without the help and support of our customers, we quickly fall short of our goals.

Here are 4 super easy ways you can help!


You’ll get discount codes, special event invitations, news & other goodies!


You’ll get discount codes, special event invitations, news & other goodies!



You have to care for your dog anyway, right?  So why not choose treats & accessories that also give back?  Our products online soon and if you don’t like buying stuff online, you can always purchase at a store near you.


Just copy and paste this as a status update: “Feed a hungry dog today!  For every purchase you make, @DogforDog makes a donation to a shelter. Care for and feed your dog and help dog in need.”

Send an email and share our mission with your friends and family

Just copy and paste this paragraph into your email, personalize it if you want, and hit send!

Dear Dog Loving Friends and Family,

I know you’re super busy but allow me to pull on your heart strings for just a second, then I’ll get to the point. The number of dogs in shelters is growing daily to the point of overcrowding and sadly, dogs are suffering from a lack of proper nutrition and care. Something has to be done. There’s a really cool company, Dog for Dog, that makes delicious treats and great accessories for dogs. They make a donation to a shelter for every product you buy.  You have to take care of your dog anyway, right? So why not choose products that also give back? Check them out at!

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